Pactum Law Office

7, Rentgena str., BC "Stelp", office 76
197101 St.-Petersburg, Russia

Pactum Law Office (formerly called – Pactum Legal Bureau) was originally established in 1994 as a closed joint stock company by the Russian lawyer, Sergey Bizyukov, and the Finnish lawyer, Keijo Räikkönen.

At the beginning the main purpose of the Legal Bureau was to provide legal assistance to large and medium-sized Finnish companies (including state organizations) which were clients to the Finnish law firm Luostarinen & Räikkönen Asianajotoimisto (now Luostarinen-Mettälä-Räikkönen, LMR, led by Keijo Räikkönen.  For several years this was the main focus of Pactum Law Office. In the same period, cooperation between Pactum Law Office and other major Finnish law firm Project Law Consultants Oy (Managing Partner, Jukka Aho , began.

In 1995, Pactum Law Office with a group of Russian lawyers formed a specialized Attorneys-at-Law Bureau in the St. Petersburg City Bar Association. In the spring of 2009, Pactum Law Office resigned from the St. Petersburg City Bar Association and acquired the status of an independent Attorneys-at-Law Bureau within the structure of the St. Petersburg Attorneys-at-Law Chamber and now works under the official name of Pactum Law Office (St. Petersburg).

At present Pactum Law Office cooperates not only with the Finnish attorneys-at-law and law offices but also with a number of attorneys-at-law in other European countries such as Miró Costart Abogados in Barcelona, Spain as well as in Egypt, Syria and other Arab countries.

In the normal course of business, Pactum Law Office routinely provides a wide range of legal services to construction and transport companies, companies involved in production of building materials, enterprises working in the fields of shipbuilding, telecommunications, forestry and woodworking industry, food,  pharmaceutical, metallurgical industry, educational institutions, companies operating in the securities market, industrial, and commercial real estate.

At various times, Pactum Law Office clients have included commercial companies, NGOs and government agencies of Spain, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and other countries.

Pactum Law Office enjoys a team of lawyers who speak Russian, English, Spanish, and Arabic.